Tybalt Watches is a new boutique watch business that focuses on quality and affordability. There is a love for watches at the core of the business and often to pursue that love means big money for limited production, vintage or Swiss luxury watches. They wanted to offer an alternative way, affordable limited production watches that everyone can afford to own. They run a very low cost operating model to ensure low prices are maintained and the customers see the benefit. 

In their first year, they plan to grow over the next 3 years with the second half of 2017 seeing the launch of the next model of Tybalt Watches, which you will see reviewed here at Watchleaderz upon launch! 

Everyone wants to have something that is new on the market, so if everyone wants it after that, they can say they started the hype. Many brands want to be unique, this watch has something unique because it has a bracelet made of leather and tweed. The tweed feels soft to the touch and is nicely delicate, the model in question is the Tybalt Classic Tweed. There are 2 options available in this model of Tybalt, one has a light grey tweed with a black dial, the other has a navy-blue tweed with a white dial.

A quick look…
The Tybalt Classic Tweed (Light Grey) and the Tybalt Classic Tweed (Navy Blue) are nice-looking watches, they are stylish and slim which really looks nice when wearing a suit or smart casual wear. You can wear it with a variety of colours because it has a light grey tweed and a navy-blue tweed that look classy and interchange easily.

Steelcase and bracelet
This lightweight watch has a high-grade stainless steel 40mm case with sapphire glass up front. This combined with the unique bracelet that is durable due to the leather backing and delicate as a result of the tweed finished front.

Water resistance
The watch is water resistant up to 5ATM, although I would suggest a leather or steel bracelet option for water as the delicate tweed would need time to dry.

Tweed is a woollen material originally from Great Britain, it derives its name from the region it was produced first, the river called the Tweed. Tweed is very tightly woven. The weaving technique makes the matter very firm. It is therefore wind and water resistant.

This watch has a Japanese quartz movement, it’s the most reliable movement available in this bracket. A Japanese quartz movement is a mechanism for keeping time-based upon the regular vibration of a tiny section of quartz crystal. The Japanese part of the name refers to where the mechanism was manufactured, not where the crystal originated from.

This is a watch that shows high quality with low cost and high exclusivity. At only $199 this is a very affordable limited run watch that will last! The idea of the affordability is that you can add a new piece to your collection as they are ready for release without breaking the bank.

Another Watchleaderz exclusive is that this watch will be featured for a run of issues within GQ UK starting from August’s addition! Place your orders at tybaltwatches.com and exclusively for watchleaderz use code watchleaderz2017 for 10% off all purchases.


Review of the Tybalt watches
Review of the Tybalt watches
Review of the Tybalt watches
Review of the Tybalt watches

Classic Tweed


Sapphire crystal


Tweed strap




Japanese Quartz


50M water resistance


Pros of this watch

  • Sapphire crystal
  • Tweed

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