A watch is an essential accessory for most people. Although it's basic function is to tell the time, it is also being used as a luxury item. Over the years, there have been many developments in the mechanics of watches. Luckily, Seiko is one of the marketleaders provides watches like this solar powered beauty, as you can read in the review of the Seiko SNE093.

Are you looking for a solar powered watch which is coming from the bestselling series of Seiko? In that case, there is no need to look any further. Read all about the features, pros and cons of the Seiko SNE093.

A quick look…
For every day and every occasion, the Seiko Solar SNE093 watch can take you from daytime to nighttime. With a sleek display and the black dial this watch is a must have. Making a contribution to a healthier planet, Seiko’s Solar watches are getting energy from light and then stores the energy in a self-recharging battery, which never needs to be changed. The watch comes with a water-resistante up to 330FT/100M and is secured with a stainless steel bracelet and a fold-over clasp.

Steel case and bracelet
The classic stainless steel body of the watch is a classy pick. You wouldn’t want to be caught wearing a watch that’s all sorts of tacky, right? This watch is not tacky at all. The stainless steel case fits perfectly around your wrist. It’s just the right size for any size of wrist. This dressy watch has a brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet which creates an elegant finish.

Water resistance
With the 330FT/100M water resistance, you will have the ability to swim with the watch. A watch with 100 meters of water resistance has no problem hanging out in the water for a while, and will even be fine on an extended snorkeling excursion. Diving, however, should still be out of the question.

Hardlex crystal
If you’re the rowdy type who keeps destroying a lot of your personal belongings, then this watch is the one for you. Not to destroy, of course, but to use for a long time. It has a protective hardlex crystal dial window. That means that it is able to withstand more pressure and intensive use than most watches are able to. However, the protective hardlex crystal dial window reflects very bright light. So although the contrast between the background and number indicators is great, the crystal will make the contrast less.

Solar power
Now this is the most important feature of the Seiko SNE093 watch.

The Seiko Solar SNE093 is a quartz watch which takes its energy from light, and stores it in a self-recharging battery which never needs to be changed. By eliminating the need for battery change in a quartz watch, the Seiko Solar SNE093 makes an obvious and important contribution to the cause of a healthier planet. SEIKO was an early pioneer in solar watch technology, with its first Solar watch being launched in 1977.

Seiko Solar technology is able to convert all types of light into energy to charge a watch thanks to a solar cell with high performance electricity generation.

Have I mentioned that this watch keeps accurate time without the need for batteries? Okay, well, aside from never needing to replace the batteries, this watch will never be the reason why you’re late for that important meeting with a client. The solar powered mechanism gives accurate time, so you’ll always be on time for any event that you have to show up for with this watch.

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Seiko SNE093


Solar powered


330FT/100M water resistance


40MM diameter


Hardlex crystal


Quartz movement


Pros of this watch

  • Solar powered
  • 330FT/100M water resistance
  • Stainless steel
  • Quality bracelet

Cons of this watch

  • Not screw down

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