Norlite Denmark  launched their first watch in 2015, the NOR1501, which was a minimalistic yet uniquely designed unisex watch.

In 2016 they have added a new version, the NOR1601, which follows the exact same important criteria as the previous model: a high level of comfort, excellent performance and beautiful design. And still, quite importantly, at the same affordable price.

Today we are making a review of the Norlite Denmark watches NOR1501-020202 and the NOR1601-021005, which are respectively for men and women.

A quick look...
The NOR1501-020202 and the NOR1601-021005 are nice-looking & dressy watches which can be worn with whatever you want to wear. The white dials with gold plating around makes the watches suitable for every occasion. Casual day? Work meeting? Not a problem at all. Sized at 40MM and 32MM, the watches are not too large on your wrist. And they are lightweight watches too!

The watches have solid stainless steel cases, on our watches gold plated, and have a water resistance to 50 meters, which is acceptable for watches in this price range. Hey, they are not divers, right? The stainless steel has extra-low carbon content and is extremely resistant to corrosion such as seawater or acidic liquids.

Leather straps
Now on to the straps. These two watches came with stitched calf leather straps, one dark brown, the other cognac.
They have a natural colour that’s easy to pair up with any watch sporty or dressy, dark dialed or not. The leather is even and may develop a nice patina over time, the edges are not sharp at all. It sits comfortably on your wrist does not scratch the skin and like I mentioned before, it’s soft enough to adapt to the shape of your wrist. The strap comes with a clasp, has a band width of 20MM and the logo on the backside of the strap.

Now we will light out the inside of these Danish products.
Beating inside the Norlite watches is the Miyota GL30 movement. The Miyota quartz watch movements are built to last with high quality watch parts. These Japanese made quartz movements are made to fit Citizen, Bulova, Wittnauer and many other fashion watch cases, which gives you an indication what this movement is capable of. These Miyota watch movements are installed in many well known brands.

Sapphire crystal
Sapphire is the second strongest jewel on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, second only to the diamond. The crystal is usually made up of a sapphire-quartz combination. The screens are not completely shatter proof since strength is different than hardness, but it does mean that almost nothing other than diamond is able to scratch the face. This means that those who like to keep their watch faces completely scratch-free often go with this watch crystal. The watches from Norlite all have the impressive sapphire crystal. Don't worry scratching your precious watch: with normal usage, you won't see any damage at all. This impressive crystal is really something Norlite does well as you won't see many sapphire cases in this price range.

Review of the Norlite Denmark watches
Review of the Norlite Denmark watches
Review of the Norlite Denmark watches
Review of the Norlite Denmark watches



Sapphire crystal


Leather strap


40MM/32MM diameter


Miyota GL30 movement


50M water resistance


Pros of this watch

  • Sapphire crystal
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Stainless steel

Cons of this watch

  • Not screw down

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