Review – Oxygen ”Sport 38 Kissinger”
Review of the Oxygen watches

First something about Oxygen Legend Paris. The French Brand OXYGEN was launched in the 50’s, specialized in diver watches. Thanks to its expertise, grown strong in time by a line of travellers’ watches and pioneer of the revival of the NATO strap, OXYGEN designed a new vintage range in 2016, named LEGEND. The collection is […]

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Review – Flachsmann ”World Traveller 2”
Review of the Flachsmann watches

The journey of life is what inspired the design of Flachsmann Watches. The label ‘World Traveller’ stands for the way of life that lies within Flachsmann Watches. This is being reinforced by the unique clock face, which decorates the watch. This good-looking silver watch, called ”World Traveller 2 Mesh Silver”, is a real eye catcher. […]

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Review – Tybalt ”Classic Tweed”
Review of the Tybalt watches

Tybalt Watches is a new boutique watch business that focuses on quality and affordability. There is a love for watches at the core of the business and often to pursue that love means big money for limited production, vintage or Swiss luxury watches. They wanted to offer an alternative way, affordable limited production watches that […]

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Review – Norlite Denmark ”NOR1501/NOR1601”
Review of the Norlite Denmark watches

Norlite Denmark¬† launched their first watch in 2015, the NOR1501, which was a minimalistic yet uniquely designed unisex watch.In 2016 they have added a new version, the NOR1601, which follows the exact same important criteria as the previous model: a high level of comfort, excellent performance and beautiful design. And still, quite importantly, at the […]

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Review – Seiko ”Solar SNE093”
Review of the Seiko SNE093

A watch is an essential accessory for most people. Although it’s basic function is to tell the time, it is also being used as a luxury item. Over the years, there have been many developments in the mechanics of watches. Luckily, Seiko is one of the marketleaders¬†provides watches like this solar powered beauty, as you […]

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Review – Invicta ”8926OB”
Review of the Invicta 8926 OB

At some point in your personal life, you will be looking for a good diver watch, but definitely not in the Rolex price segment. When browsing online, you will find an endless amount of lookalikes, but it’s hard to find the one that really stands out with good features. Today we will do a review […]

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