Watches resemble style, status and emotion. If you’ve never strapped one on your wrist, you are reading this just in time. Time to find a great watch to start wearing and which really fits towards your own, personal style! That is why we want to give you 4 tips for buying your first watch.

Here are four basic rules for picking your very own, perfect first watch (or watches).

1. Stick to a bracelet band
Leather bands are more formal than bracelets and don’t match as good with casual clothes as bracelets do. A bracelet can easily be rocked with a suit or just regular, every day clothes on every occasion. Besides, a bracelet needs not as much attention as a leather band or nato/zulu strap.

Advise: Stainless steel.

4 tips for buying your first watch: a metal bracelet

2. Choose simple details
Go with a medium-sized face between 38 and 43 millimeters in diameter for your watch or watches. Anything bigger makes your watch stand out in a negative way.

As for face detailing, less is more. Especially for your first watch. You might be looking for a cool-looking chronograph (a fancy word for a stopwatch), but all you need is a face with the time and date.

Advise: 38-43 mm face, time and date only.

4 tips for buying your first watch: simple details

3. Focus on fit
Men often keep their watches too loose, which is the easiest way to make an expensive watch look cheap.

Here’s how to test the fit: if you shake your wrist, the watch should not be able to slide around your wrist. Bring your watch to a nearby jeweler to get a link or two removed, until it fits perfectly.

Advise: Let your jeweler take a look at your watch to determine if it fits or not and if neccesary, let the jeweler remove some links of the watch.

4 tips for buying your first watch: focus on fit

4. Find a price that fits your budget
Fine watches are not cheap and can cost you a lot of money. But don’t exceed $200 on your first purchase. You will definately be able to find a decent watch which fits your style for under $200. You need to be confident in your watch taste before spending a ton of cash.

Advise: Look for a well known brand for your first watch. With Seiko, you will never be disappointed

4 tips for buying your first watch: find a price that fits your budget

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